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Leyla Piedayesh (born 1970) is a German fashion designer and founder of the Lala Berlin fashion label. She was born in Teheran.[1]

Piedayesh founded Lala Berlin in 2004, originally as a knitwear brand. The line expanded to include a full range of fashion for women, including accessories and knit jackets.[2] The first boutique shop was opened in 2006. In 2007, the label was nominated for the New Generation Award at Merceds-Benz Fashion Week.[3][4] Piedayesh's designs are now available globally in more than 60 stores.[5] Her lala Berlin company is 100% female.[3] Piedayesh has shown Lala Berlin several times during Copenhagen Fashion Week.[6]

Before becoming a full-time designer, Piedayesh was an editor of the Designerama television segment for MTV Berlin.[5]

In 2015, she was a judge of the Designer Nest Awards during Copenhagen fashion week.[7]

In 2017, as part of International Women's Day, Barbie honored 17 contemporary and historical female role models. Piedayesh became the first German to have a Barbie created in her image.[8]


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